Muiliukas in the TV show "Ask doctor"

It was a fun producing natural bath bombs in the TV show "Ask doctor"! The record is available here (Lithuanian only)

New - soft paste soap "Silk touch"!

New product - the soft paste type of soap "Silk touch" (Švelnumas), which is milder than a usual bar soap. This soap cleans deeply and moisturizes your skin, also opens up pores and takes away the cells of dead skin for an easy and deep exfoliation. Best using in sauna. Applied also for a face care daily.

Our soaps in UN fair, Geneva

We're proud about the selection of our natural handmade soaps for representing Lithuanian national products in the Lithuania's stand at the charitable United Nations Fair in Geneva, Switzerland, 22nd November 2017. More information

Muiliukas in Etsy!

You can order most of our products in the ETSY internet shop now!